Coil Cleaning Services Kendall

At Kendall Air Conditioning Repair, we fully understand the consequences of dirty evaporator and condenser coils in your home. The coil system is the heartbeat of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and when it’s clogged with dirt and debris, your system will not work as efficiently as it’s desired. This would mean increased power bills as well as frequent system breakdowns. This will not only be costly, but also reduce the comfort of your home.

Why Your Coils Need Cleaning

There are numerous reasons why you should invest in coil cleaning services in your Kendall home amongst them:

Reduced Energy Bills

The compression of the refrigerant consumes lots of energy in the operation of your air conditioning unit. To attain the desired temperature in your home, the hot refrigerant is cooled by the condenser and when the cooling isn’t sufficiently done, it leads to increase in energy consumption as the pressure from the refrigerant vapor rises. For the condenser to cool your home efficiently and effectively, the coils must be dirt and debris-free. Therefore, having our Kendall Air Conditioning clean your coils will help you to lower your monthly energy bills.

Increased System Efficiency

The efficiency of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is determined to a greater extent by the efficiency of your evaporator and condenser coils. When the coils are dirty, it significantly lowers the efficiency of your system making it hard to achieve the desired room temperature as well as the comfort in your indoor environment. Our NATE certified professionals are well trained and equipped and will deep clean your coils including the bends and hidden sections.

Longer System Lifespan

When your system isn’t running efficiently, it has to work extra hard to cool your home. This strains your system thereby increasing its wear. This has a ripple effect of lowering the longevity of your HVAC equipment meaning you will be forced to replace it earlier than you had anticipated. Having your coils cleaned on a regular basis will ensure that your system serves you for a longer period of time.

Why Hire Our Kendall Coil Cleaning Services

Our coil cleaning services are of highest quality in Kendall and the surrounding areas. Our customer service is excellent since we put the needs of our clients as our number one priority. Our services are highly customized to fit the specific needs of our clients; this is because we understand homeowners’ needs are different and we would like to serve each client satisfactorily.

Our pricing model is designed in such a way that it caters for all our clients regardless of their budgets. We are the most competitively-priced company in Kendall providing high quality coil cleaning services. We will give you an upfront quote after assessing the extent of work to be done. The free quotation you get is final. This enables you to plan your finances accordingly.

Additionally, all our technicians are fully licensed, insured and bonded. They also have all the necessary certifications and as such you can rest assured that they will do a superb job.

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