Dryer Vent Cleaning Kendall
           Dryer Vent Cleaning Kendall

If you have dryers in your home, you must be aware of the critical role played by dryer vents in ensuring sufficient air circulation to enable your clothes dry within the normal drying cycle. With frequent usage of your dryers, the vents gradually buildup with lint, dirt and dust making them inefficient in allowing air to pass through them.

Clogged vents have deeper and far reaching effects some of which may be risky and hazardous. Whenever dryer vents fail to work as expected, they make your HVAC system consume more energy so as to cool your home. This comes back to you as escalated energy bills that you have to pay without enjoying a direct benefit in operational efficiency.

Having your dryer vents cleaned regularly can save you time and energy when drying your clothes as well as ensuring your HVAC system doesn’t work extra hard to deliver the same level of cooling in your home.

The Risks of Clogged Vents

The National Fire Data Center administered by the U.S. Fire Administration estimates that 12,480 home fires are mainly caused by clogged vents. These fires cause loss of property, injuries as well as loss of life. In addition, clogged vents have been the primary cause of poisonous gas fumes finding their way into your home causing respiratory illnesses.

When should You Clean Your Dryer Vents

Not many homeowners understand the leading signs that you should notify a professional to come inspect and clean your dryer vents. Based on our experience at Kendall Air Conditioning, we can reliably inform homeowners to have their dryer vents checked and cleaned whenever they notice their clothes taking longer to dry, musty odors emanating from the clothes following a drying session, clothes becoming extremely hot after a normal drying cycle and if their dryer vents have taken more than 12 months before being serviced.

What to Expect in Our Dryer Vent Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Because we understand the entire system of your dryer vent, we don’t beat about the bush or engage in repetitive sub-standard repairs. We have the right equipment and training required to access the innermost and hidden sections of your dryer vent system. We clean all the debris lining your ventilation pipes leaving them clean and open to free air flow.

At the onset of the cleaning process, we first remove the vent cap after which insert a vacuum tube followed by a snake brush deep into the ventilation pipe. This is for dislodging loose debris that has attached itself to the vent system lining. After this, we use our special cleaning tools to scrap away every solid mass of debris even that located on the bends and elbows. This ensures we leave no dirt hidden and no lint buildup. We offer diagnostic tests for pressure to ensure the entire system is completely clean and debris free.

If you suspect for any reason that your dryer vent is not working right, you are probably correct and hence you need to contact us at 305-728-2046 and we will send you a professional right away.