HAVC Sizing

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HAVC Sizing Kendall
Kendall HAVC Sizing

The right sizing for air conditioning is very important. With the right sizing your Kendall air-conditioning HVAC system, you improve its efficiency, reduce noise, offer increased heating / cooling and helps you save money. Installing an oversized HVAC system increases the installation costs, increases operation costs and wastes energy unlike the correct sized systems. Considering the worst-case scenarios in your installations such as maximum lighting needs, weather conditions and occupancy would result in the installation of oversized systems. Oversized installation can lower the system cooling capacity resulting in a short cycling of the compressor, which may affect the systems ability to dehumidify the building.

Sizing and Its Importance

Majority of the HVAC systems in the market are sized to meet up the cooling and heating loads occurring at 1-percent to 2.5-percent of the time. However, the National Institute of Building Sciences reports that the most efficient HVAC systems in the market offer conditioning occurring at 97.5-percent and 99-percent. Over sizing of the HVAC system is highly common in commercial and residential applications mainly because the contractors employ the rule of thumb sizing. The sizing application uses a load calculation that is based on square footage. To come up with the most efficient system, you must understand the effect of each system on others in energy savings. Therefore, when coming up with the building g design, it is necessary to include the HVAC systems.
The method considers the systems approach instead of the component based approach, which results in efficient overall HVAC system configuration with low load operation. When you combine the whole building design with the right sized and efficiently working HVAC air conditioning system you can save as much as 30-percent in your annual energy costs.
The perfect whole building design should offer expansion without over sizing the equipment. Nevertheless, you should ensure the design of your Kendall airconditioning does not offer much excess, which may never occur. Instead, the plan should offer a built in physical space for extra equipments such as boilers, cooling towers and pumps. Furthermore, you should use HVAC systems that can later be modified to expand the system.

Tips on How to Get the Right Sizing HVAC

You should avoid relying on the rules of thumb load calculations when calculating the sizing for your HVAC. Instead you should get an updated equipment load data that matches the usage.Calculate the system design loads based on the right engineering standards and refer to the right resources.Use established data such as ASHRAE when calculating the load estimate.Use the recommended standards for specific applications such as Manual J for residential calculations and ACCA manual N for commercial facilities.Incorporate HVAC safety factors and include pick-up load allowances as stipulated in ASHRAE/IES 90.1 as the utmost limit.Use the safety standards in moderation. This is because during the hottest or the coldest day, it is highly unlikely that the building would contain maximum occupancy with all machines operating.You should use the cooling equipment exceeding or meeting the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Also choose the cooling equipments that exceed or meet the integrated part-load value.Incorporate computer analyzing tools to suggest how operation affects the loads to prevent systems over sizing.