Things to Look for When Hiring HVAC Professionals in 2016

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HVAC PROFFESIONALAs a homeowner, getting a successful contractor means so much to your home comfort and the expenses you have to cough out every month for your HVAC. There are lots of contractors either working independently or part of a company who offer excellent HVAC services including installation, repair and maintenance.

From the moment you contact a contractor or his staff, you can tell how professional, lively and customer caring they are. You need to be keen enough to focus both on the soft skills and the technical abilities of the contractors you want to hire. Below are some tips to help you in this endeavor.

Contractor Licensing and Bonding

The first step to success lies in ensuring that the contractor you are hiring has the required licensing and any other legal paperwork. Contractor bonds are a certain type of surety bond that ensures you are protected as the client in case the contractor breaks the law. In the event the contractor does a negligent or deficient job, as the customer, you can make a legal claim against his bond.

There are different types of bonds such as performance and fidelity bonds. A performance bond basically promises that the contractor will carry out his assignment as stipulated in the contract.

The Contractor Safety Measures

Inasmuch as it is the contractor who ought to be more concerned on his safety and that of his employees, as a responsible homeowner, you also have a role to play in ensuring that the contractor you hire observes all the safety measures.

Occupational safety and regulations are governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Remember, a contractor who is not concerned of his own safety may pass on the carelessness and neglect to your home in the course of duty.

Industrial Competence

Having the papers and certificates doesn’t necessary mean that a contractor is competent enough to do your work. His stock of knowledge particularly with reference to technology, trends, and other skills plays a key role in getting your job done. You can check whether they are members of organizations such as the Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency Association (ACCA) or the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Customer Service

In any industry, customer experience is very important and HVAC is no different. You need to be observant from the moment you get in touch with the contractor on issues such as customer etiquette and interpersonal skills.

In most cases, what you see is what you get and it is important you take note of some of these things early in the process so that you do not end up regretting later. Looking at the reviews past customers have left and the repeat business the contractor has had can give you an idea of the atmosphere you are likely to be in.